Importance of digital transformation for your bakery or pastry shop in times of quarantine

The spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has generated various economic problems in the operating income of some SMEs, as the mandatory confinement to mitigate the pandemic has led to a significant decrease in sales due to the absence of customers. This situation has led to the need for many businesses to reinvent themselves to cope … Read more

Learnings in the midst of quarantine

In the midst of the public health crisis worldwide due to the coronavirus, this disease came to challenge all industries, forcing companies-large, medium and small-to step out of the comfort zone to explore new ways to sell their products. The challenge is great, it is about surviving a financial crisis that is hitting our country … Read more

How do you get the best industrial margarine in Brahman? Here we tell you

In this new blog, discover 4 reasons why our production process makes Brahman margarines a first-class product, with great quality and flavor. 100% national raw material and production. The main raw materials used in the manufacture of our margarines are palm-based vegetable oils and their derivatives, which are 100% domestically produced.In addition to this, the … Read more

Decorations and Fillings most used in Pastry

In the pastry and confectionery sector, the elaboration and decoration of cookies, cakes, cakes, cakes and desserts is considered an art, since imagination and creativity come into play to give life to these preparations. Therefore, if you want to capture the attention of your customers, these products must be eye-catching and attractive to the eye, … Read more

What does a pastry chef do?

Welcome to a new blog from Brahman S.A.S. – Grupo Empresarial Proinga! In this opportunity, we will be talking about what does a pastry chef do and what should be his main functions and responsibilities to ensure the success of your pastry shop. Before starting our topic, it is important to understand the concept of … Read more